De-addiction center hyderabadTreatment At Aradhana De-Addiction Center Hyderabad
1. Treating the patient

Treating an intoxicated person is virtually rebuilding the person both body and mind. The treatment is a residential multidisciplinary therapeutic programme involving experienced Psychiatrist, Psychologist and counsellors.

Treatment provided at the de-addiction center:-

> Medical treatment (Detoxification)
Helping the patient overcome withdrawal symptoms like fits, sleeplessness and severe pain which may set in when he gives up alcohol / drugs co-morbid condition.Dealing with associated physical problems like gastritis, neuritis, Depression, malnutrition, personality disorder, Dental and associated problems.Providing appropriate medications to help the patient get back to Normal eating and sleeping pattern in Aradhana de-addiction center

> Psychological & Psychosocial  therapy for 83 days following (12 steps AA/NA) this helps him to Psycho education about alcoholism and drug addiction.Recognize the damage caused by addiction and make Positive changes in his life style. Psychological therapy program includes lectures, group therapy, individual counseling sessions and self-help group meetings.Family counseling for family members with group therapy.Counseling for children of Alcoholics on alcohol addiction.

 2. Laying the foundation

Screening & Assessment.
Motivational Interviewing & Motivational Enhancement Therapy
Goal setting [decision making regarding recovery program & prevention plan]

3. Strategies for Action WITH PSYCHOTHERAPY

Brief and early intervention.
Systematic lifestyle changes with 24 hrs Schedule of center.
12 step models [adopted from AA/NA].
Behavior Modification
Drink and drug refusing skills.
Communication skills.
Client centered Therapy
Existential Therapy
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.
Interpersonal skills.
Behavior self-management.
Treatment of co morbidity [Medical or psychiatric problems]
Didactic sessions on aspects of Disease and Recovery.
Problem solving skills.
Systematic Desensitization
Assertive training skills.
Cognitive behavior therapy.
Relaxation Training [Yoga and Meditation]
Recreational Therapy: Play, Music, Walk.

4. Physical health

Aradhana de-addiction center Hyderabad provides Medical treatment including detoxification, nutritional assistance, management of illnesses, advice on dental health, and exercise.

5. Psychological state

Therapy or treatment for psychological problems such as suicidal risk, anxiety, depression, psychosis, antisocial behavior, post-traumatic stress disorder.

6. Family and relationships

Couples therapy, assistance for family members, working with concerned others specialist family therapy, parenting skills, intervention for domestic violence or sexual abuse.

7. Social functioning

Aradhana de-addiction center in Hyderabad provides training on Communication skills, assertiveness, building drug-free social support Network (e.g., self-help groups or peer support).

8. Pharmacotherapy

Pharmacotherapy for substance abuse includes medications used to treat withdrawal following acute stoppage and for the long term abstinence from the substances. Pharmacotherapy along with appropriate psychosocial intervention plays significant role in preventing relapses. Detoxification or management of withdrawal symptoms Drugs for relapse prevention

9. Maintaining change (Self-help Groups)

At community level AA Convention / Meetings As a part of post discharge plan of De-Addiction program, clients need to attend the AA meetings. Alcoholic anonymous is a worldwide fellowship, where the recovering alcoholics come and share their experience, strength and hope with newcomers, thus helping them to come out with their addiction problem. These meetings enable them with an alcoholic to be sober and also help others to achieve sobriety.

AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] Convention is a group of recovering alcoholics gathering at one place to conduct meetings and share their experiences. It helps in motivating the recovering alcoholics as other who’ve recovered during the past share their experiences and encourage / strengthen newly recovering alcoholics.

10. Extended care:- (Follow-up 1 years)

The patient and family members need to be in touch with Aradhana de-addiction center for one year after completion of treatment. This ensures that recovery takes place smoothly and any problems that arise are handled in a timely manner. During follow-up, the patient meets the Doctor to discuss medical problems if any and review medications Counsellor to discuss progress or problems related to any area of his life Attend AA meetings and conventions


The mission of Aradhana organization is to rehabilitate families having alcohol dependents by prevention/reduction of further disorders /destitution resulting from alcohol/drug addiction.