Aradhana De-addictionServices At Aradhana De-Addiction Center Hyderabad
1. Inpatient Treatment

> Coexisting medical or psychiatric disorder
> Psychological and psychosocial therapy for few months
> Potential harm to self or others
> Failure to respond to conservative treatments
> Disruptive home environment

A typical inpatient treatment may include the following stages:

> A physical and psychiatric work-up for any physical or mental disorders
> Detoxification  this phase involves initiating abstinence, managing withdrawal symptoms and complications, and ensuring that the patient remains in  treatment
> On-going treatment with medications in some cases
> Psychotherapy, usually cognitive behavioral therapy
> An introduction to AA Some  but not all  studies have reported better success rates with inpatient treatment of patients with alcoholism

2. Individual counseling

Individual Counseling is an important aspect of a structured addiction treatment programme. In Aradhana de-addiction center Hyderabad, Individual Counseling session offer an opportunity for the client to work on his individual problems and develop a plan to meet the client specific needs .

In Aradhana de-addiction center ,individual Counselling is a process that goes through different stages of the family and the clients:

> To improve the lifestyle, effecting positive changes in the attitude and behavior of the individual.
> To create awareness about the problems of alcohol drug HIV/AIDS.
> To educate the people about the ill effects of alcoholism and substances abuse on the individual, the family and society at large.
> To create awareness about the problems associated with drinking among the rural public and transforming the community into an enabling force to combat alcoholism.

3. Family counseling
Family counseling is important in treatment

> Family plays an important role in alcohol addiction, drug addiction and other substances abuse
> Family members help the patient to maintain abstinence
> Person after discharge should be take care by family persons
> Alcoholic person should support of family members

How can Family counseling help?
> Motivating  the person to leave alcohol, drugs and other substances
> Cooperation is required in the treatment process
> Supervise medications
> Supporting during stress
> Reintegrating with the society

How Addiction affect Family?

The family members go through many difficulties due to drug problems like:

> Financial difficulty
> Fights with spouse
> Loss of support from neighbors and other family members
> Value of the person will be less in the society
> The behavior of the parents and problems at home can affect the children psychologically
> Family counseling helps the family members to handle these problems effectively
> The aim of family counseling is to help to be a Happy Family

 4. In-house AA/NA meetings

AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] Convention is a group of recovering alcoholics gathering at one place to conduct meetings and share their experiences. It helps in motivating the recovering alcoholics as other who’ve recovered during the past share their experiences and encourage / strengthen newly recovering alcoholics

If someone you like has a problem with addiction of drugs and alcohol, we can help.We are recovering alcoholics ourselves and  are committed to helping other alcoholics to achieve sobriety,Alcoholism will inevitably kill the alcoholic person due to the progressive nature of disease.

 5.  After care

> After- care and rehabilitation are essential for addiction treatment. The outcome of treatment depends on the effectiveness of the follow-up efforts towards the patient’s re-integration in community to attain whole person recovery. Rehabilitation through vocational training to facilitate income generation can be part of the services by the Aradhana de-addiction Centre. After care services are provided on an out-patient basis.
> Activities for aftercare and rehabilitation of the patient and family Aftercare program is (counseling, relapse prevention program, self-help program) to be made available with focus on the whole person recovery of the individual.
> Procedures to be clearly laid out for relapsed patients to address relapse in  detoxification and counseling services
Aftercare plans of alternative methods for patients who have not recovered have to be explored and support to their family members to be ensured


The mission of Aradhana organization is to rehabilitate families having alcohol dependents by prevention/reduction of further disorders /destitution resulting from alcohol/drug addiction.